Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There is power in a union

So, yeah. These were the options today, at least if you live where I do:

1) Get a ride with someone from work. You have to fit 4 people in the car, and the guy says he has to be in the office by 8:30 in the morning and you know it's going to be nightmarish with traffic, and plus if he gets in at 8:30 he probably has to leave by around 4:30 in the afternoon .... etc.

2) Walk about 15 blocks to the commuter train connection. (Commuter trains are running.) Squeeze on. Exit at 34th Street. Walk about 30 blocks south to work. End of day, rinse and repeat.

Neither was particularly savory, and I'm sympathetic with anyone who had to go through it. (There was a sense of camaraderie and novelty to the day, based on what I saw on the news; a group had even set up free coffee on the end of the Brooklyn Bridge for the walkers -- kind of like what happened on 9/11, without the horrific terrorist tragedy element.) Mercifully, I have bosses who are sane and understand there's no point in my going into the office under those conditions -- so I get to work from home. Today, tomorrow and probably until the end of the week, assuming this continues (And I think we should assume in this case.) If it goes into next week, well -- then we'll see. In any case, I got to do my interviews and get email and check email and do pretty much whatever I had to do ... all from the comfort of my home desk. Sweet!

The only downside: Sometime around 8pm, my VOIP went down. Apparently it's a nationwide issue. Earthlink is on the case. Achem. You can find this out for yourself, if you're willing to hang on the phone for a half hour. So anyone trying to call, this is why you can't reach me! Even though I'm home! Sigh.

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