Monday, January 03, 2005

Weave me a handbasket, I'm coming

Well, I know what's making me get out of bed every day this week: The fact that the 109th Congress is about to convene. Don't you just feel the tingle of anticipation? Awaiting every pronouncement and bill passage which can only further poke holes in my fragile liberal skin? Oooooh, the mind boggles. I love a Republican-led Congress, for verily, it will show the way to the handbasket in which we are all going.

So! What's up on the agenda first? Could they be preparing to tackle social security? Medicaid? Education? The environment? Surely you jest. This is the Congress voted in by the oh-so-moral majority, who don't want their gays married, their wetlands wet, or their taxes -- uh, taxed! These people are the voice of the high road and they are going to Show Us The Way and The Light.

But first, they're going to relax the ethics rules.


From the article: "Last month, the Republican caucus reversed its own 2003 rule that would require leaders to resign, if criminally indicted. (House Democrats have no comparable rule, although they promise to pass one.) That meeting, which went on for hours, ended in a decision not to record the vote - a sign of how controversial the majority leader is becoming within his own party."

Somewhere, someone is chuckling.

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