Friday, January 28, 2005

A faxing riff

I sit near a faxing station (among many other noise-generating areas, despite which the place is generally quiet). These are the things I hate about sitting next to a faxing station:

1) People who leave their faxes to go through while they wander merrily away. (C'mon, folks, it's 30 seconds out of your life. Nothing is that pressing.)
2) People who leave their faxes to go through without them and don't even have the fax number right. (dial tone. dialing numbers. ring, ring. "Hello?" beep, beep. "Hello?" beep beep ad infinitum)
3) People on the other end of #2 who go tharn when it happens. ("Hello? Hello? Who is this? Hello?") C'mon, folks, the fax has been around at least a generation and other than your tottering old grandma in the nursing home (who shouldn't be getting much fax action anyway), who doesn't know what it sounds like when you pick up the phone and it goes "beep beep"? Either hang up the frickin' thing or transfer it to the fax machine.

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