Saturday, January 08, 2005

Bonnie Scot

It's official: Craig Ferguson is the best-looking man in late night.

That's not necessarily saying much, but I'd give the host of "The Late Late Show" props against anyone in the post-8pm slot if it wasn't for Law & Order and the Sam Waterston presence. (Yes, I'm allowed to crush on senior citizens if I want, who's going to stop me.)

Anyway, what I find most amazing is that we've got a Scot, with a Scot burr, running an American television show. He has segments like the (incredibly ironic) "A Cup of Tea and a Chat." Mostly he's Americanized his voice, but there's a distinct burr still there and it's just lovely to my Anglophilic ears. He can talk to me any time. Achem.

For anyone who knows a real Scot accent and how impenetrable it can be to the untrained ears ... this is a major step for American TV, I swear. Ah, progress.

If only it wasn't on so damn late.

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