Friday, September 30, 2005

Bad phone! Bad phone!

I've been getting calls at home at almost the exact same time every morning: 9:20. Since admitting that means I'm running a little late, I let the phone go and figure if it's important, they'll leave a message. Since they don't, I have to figure I'm getting spammed, and I'm bitter yet triumphant. Loser telemarketers.

Anyway, at work this morning I get a call from a guy who jauntily says his name (not his affiliation) and says he'd like to set up a lunch with me. Since I do occasionally get calls from PR people and the like who want to do that, I go along with things, even though it already stinks. He says he's with "Northwestern Mutual" and wants to discuss my life insurance and such like.

This is almost worse than getting these calls at home. I ask him if he knows he's calling me at work. His reply: "Hey, it's New York!"

Thank you, Mr. Non-sequitur. I give him a tongue-lashing that reminds him this is completely inappropriate and that I will have nothing to do with his business or company. Unfortunately, in my rush to do that and then get off the phone, I forget to do relevant things, like get a full name and supervisor and contact info, so I can report this appropriately (this kind of stuff really cheeses me off, and his complete lack of embarrassment makes it worse). So, I'm kind of at a loss.

My phone machine at work has the number stored, and when I call it back, someone from "Merrill Lynch" answers. They swear they have no "Northwestern Mutual" connection. I am highly dubious. Anyway, fair warning: Have nothing to do with Northwestern Mutual, and if they call you, take names. Bastards.

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