Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Weekend in Central Park

Friends in from out of town with their triad of offspring (adorable and weepy in alternating moments; we went to the zoo, climbed on things, petted goats and got ice cream) ... all within the general Central Park area.

At the pooping elephant statue:

Becoming turtles. This is my favorite shot.

Then returned to the park at 8:15 this morning (!) for the 10K AIDS Walk which took us through the park and out the top, down Riverside Drive and back in again. Foot is hurting! But who can resist any charity effort that includes these dancers right at the very end?

Favorite shirt: "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is." Worn torn and clipped to the back of a man's shirt. The man in question was in electric blue clingy pants and carrying a cane across his shoulders. Always entertaining!

The crowds. I think they were expecting half a million. I raised (with generous help) $275, so imagine that amount times half a million. Sweet.

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