Friday, June 16, 2006

Coney, here we come!

So, a week from tomorrow I'm off to Coney Island with dear friends and loved ones for the annual Mermaid Parade. In addition to amazing costumes and huge crowds and twirling rides (I am not doing the Cyclone again, however) there will be much junk consumed.

Thankfully (or maybe not so), one of my mailing lists, called Hungry Girl has put out a list of just how much some of that stuff costs in calories. Not that it'll change anything, but it's nice to know:
Soft Pretzel: 340 calories, 2g fat

Funnel Cake (whole): 760 calories, 44g fat

Fair Popcorn (7 cups, no extra butter): 400 calories, 27g fat

Caramel Apples: 300 calories, 1g fat

Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana: 240 calories, 4g fat

Elsewhere in the newsletter they note that a cone of cotton candy is actually only about 100 calories (since it's mostly air and spun sugar) while a sno-cone is something like 500-600 because of the syrup. Now, nobody goes to Coney to diet, but I like having the figures rolling around ... for reference's sake.

I am having a funnel cake. No question.

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