Thursday, March 02, 2006

Worst. Politician. Ever.

Oh, Lord, when will Congress put us out of our misery and start the fargin' impeachment proceedings already?

As if we needed another excuse, the AP now has video proof that Bush just used FEMA as a shield. (Not that Michael Brown was exactly Mr. Competent, but at least he issued a warning.) Which Bush later lied about in saying that no one could have expected the levees to break. What Bush really meant was that "no one of my limited intelligence" could have expected the levees to break. (For now at least, the video can be found at One Good Reason.)

I wanna meet someone who gave him high ratings when we first bombed Iraq, but who has since changed their mind. Because according to the polls, there's a hell of a lot of them out there. This man had an over 90% positive rating at one point. He now has a 38% all-time low. Letterman pinpointed the moment this happened, showing the videotape on his new "George W. Bush: Oh My God" segment -- when the President was caught on videotape hocking a loogie.

I'd like to hock one myself.

In other news, the Patriot Act was overwhelmingly renewed. Guess Congress isn't about to save us from anything any time soon.

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