Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Written on the subway wall

There are whole sites devoted to finding the poetic in the commonplace and thrown away -- witness Found magazine.

I found something of my own today, but didn't keep it.

Waiting at the head of the 6 train to go uptown I noticed someone had very carefully taped up a computer-created (and colored) sign, basically expressing the hope that someone the person had seen on the train the day before would email him, as they didn't exchange any information and he'd like (I say he, but I don't know) to see her (again, don't know) again. Each line (and some words) were colored differently, each thought separated by line of space. It almost read like free verse and began:

"I should have said hello yesterday (Tuesday)"

Which sounds like the title of a poem or a song lyric.

It said what "you" had been like: Blue eyes, gray Calvin Klein bag; "I" had a red hat on. It all ended:

"Email me and tell me what I had in my hand."

That's just interesting and strange and enigmatic enough to be poetic, to me. I only had a minute to scribble down the first and last lines, and I didn't get the email address (it wasn't simple like "") but I got enough. I can't decide if it's worth creating a story around. I just like thinking about it.

And I hope they reconnect.

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