Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday in the park

Since Ciara hates going out -- and the one time I took her to Central Park her little head seemed ready to explode -- I left her home today and took Carrington out to Central Park. Which is by no means an easy journey: It's about 10 minutes walk to the subway, then he goes in a travel bag because no dogs that aren't contained are allowed on the subway (I found out once the hard way), then the train to where we changed for the 6 and then uptown -- in Yankees/Orioles traffic, gah -- and then walk from Lexington another 10 minutes or so to the park. But I have to tell you, the little guy was a trooper and loved all of it. He never acted tired, and lapped up water when I gave it. Everybody who saw him loved him, except for one odd voice I heard as I walked in the park: "Look at that mangy cat."


I prefer "scruffy."

Anyway, little kids, adults, everybody loved him. And the great thing is that once somebody engaged me about him I could say he was up for adoption, just go to the Web site. (He's not up yet but should be soon.) Also, while there I was able to take some pictures.

I see a squirrel!

I see another squirrel!

It was truly an awe-inspiring day -- totally amazing. Bright blue, warm but not hot, people kicking soccer balls, playing baseball, sunning, walking dogs -- a lot of dogs, every shape and size -- rollerblading, bicycling, eating (Carrington particularly was attracted to the people with food). Sitting down outside the Boathouse for a quick breather to watch the toy sailboats motor across the water, I heard a saxophonist playing "New York, New York." It's like being in a movie to live here a lot of the time.

Cleopatra's needle, framed by not-yet-in-bloom cherry blossoms

The view of Turtle Pond from Belvedere Tower

The Turtles of Turtle Pond (sounds like a kids' book)

Flowers near Shakespeare's Garden

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